You should be aware of the danger that scented candles have

All things considered, for reasons unknown, those sweet light fragrances that we appreciate so much – might veil some shocking risks.


Meghan Budden appreciates blazing candles in her Hoboken condo, particularly amid the occasions. One morning, she lit two vast fragrant candles and approached her day as usual.

Meghan shared in a talk,


“I didn’t think anything of it, I had them burning probably six or seven hours.”

Like the vast majority of us, the considered blazing candles just didn’t faze Meghan. That is until the next day, when she saw dark spots within her nose. Obviously this revelation was very disturbing, yet not as concerning and shocking as what Meghan saw when she grabbed her newborn child.


The mother further said:

“I picked up the baby to feed him and noticed that the inside of his nostril – it was all black.”



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