Despite the warnings, she stuck to her choice and puts her hand on that untamed raccoon’s hands

Raccoons may be fluffy and charming however nearly everyone choose not to approach them.


In the wild, it’s for the reason that they have a high instance of rabies. And yet if they don’t cause diseases, they’re identified for being quite feisty and can bring some grave injury with their sharp little hands.


That was the situation as Maxine Baird, CEO of a New Hope animal sanctuary in Georgia, had been informed about an untamed raccoon that required shelter.

Grounded on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the raccoon had endured “horrific conditions,” and was spotted covered in feces and urine after being sheltered in a small poised cage and neglected.


A deprived diet had also made her obese at 22 pounds in the place of a more healthy 16.


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