They Don’t Dance as before. Looking at Jerry Lewis Doing the Jitterbug Gives Me chills.

It seems like “past times worth remembering” had significantly more moving going ahead than today. Do you still keep in mind those extraordinary old MGM motion pictures with the enormous tune lines and unimaginable move numbers?


We simply found a little diamond from 1954 demonstrating the ever silly Jerry Lewis doing a flat out number on Sheree North. You won’t trust the moves he puts on her, and how she keeps pace in this up-tempo jitterbug scene from “Having a great time.”

Watching Lewis and North cut the carpet made us think about the various move couples in film history that have engaged and propelled us right up ’til today. We thought we’d take a gander at a couple of the best move scenes in film history and impart them to you here.

We need to begin with the lord and ruler of movie moving, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Somewhere around 1933 and 1949 the couple made 10 motion pictures together, stunning groups of onlookers with their style and stamina. The finest minutes on the move floor can be found in “The Gay Divorcee,” “Should We Dance,” and “Top Hat”. Astaire has regularly been thought to be one of the best well known artists ever; in spite of the fact that, as Rogers once broadly said “I did all that he did, however in reverse and in heels.” Score for the lady.



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