Hiker endures a fatal thunder Strike. Doctors inform him if it weren’t for his Dog, he may have passed away

On one specific day, Rambo and Hardman were climbing Mount Bierstadt in Colorado with a couple of companions. The sun was sparkling on their rising, the air was clear and the view was stunning.


They took their fundamental selfish and things appeared to go awesome, until the sky opened up and began dumping hail on them. As they headed down, calamity struck. With no sanctuary accessible on the mountainside, their lone alternative was to rush descending as deliberately as they could manage. At that point, a splendid light appeared. Hardman says he doesn’t recollect much and that at the time of the episode he had been helping his dog, Rambo, scrambling down the mountain.


“I was coaching my dog down, telling him to jump where I was and the next thing I know, I just wake up, and I couldn’t move my hands or my arms or my legs.”

The group was traumatized. As they all recaptured cognizance and stirred themselves, Hardman glanced around for his dog. He rapidly discovered Rambo, however not the way he had anticipated.


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