Home Invaders shot Dog In The Face, Anonymous paid for the entire bill directly to the vet.

When home invaders arrived to Ireneo Santos’ home in the middle of the night, the family protector , Jaxon the Pit bull was the first line of defense, The poor dog was shot in the face trying to protect his family.


“ Jaxon was suffering at the vet with a gun shot to his eye. Last night my family’s home was part of a home invasion and a man tried to kill everyone in the home, luckily everyone made it out alive EXCEPT for our dog who was the first one to try to stop this intruder. The vet says they could save him but they want 1,700$ to do it and 1,000$ to start.“ – said dog owner Ireneo Santos

An anonymous donor bypassed the page, and paid Jaxon’s bill in full directly from the vet. Santos will be using the money raised to pay back the “angel” who allowed Jaxon a second chance at life. The pup has had the surgery, and is recovering.

I believe good people still exist, share this video if you agree.


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