She informs her father that a classmate had proposed to her, as she showed him the ring he could not believe his eyes

The story started when Millie hurried home to inform her parents that Tommy proposed to her. Diverted, her folks requested a couple of more details, and ended up falling in giggling with what happened next.


“So Tommy’s proposed to Millie and she keeps telling us she’s got a ring in her bag, «Millie’s dad started. Like most parents, they were expecting a toy ring, or perhaps a candy-coated ring pop, however Tommy’s taste was of a much better quality.

Millie went to her backpack and demonstrated her parents the ring. In dismay, her folks really wanted to report the unimaginable story through a video recording.

“Tommy has stolen his mother’s engagement ring!” exclaimed Millie’s father. In the meantime, Millie’s mother is heard bursting with amusement when her husband holds the ring up for everybody to see.

“Three enormous diamonds!” Millie’s father smiled into the camera the internet is collapsing over Tommy’s sweet proposal, and we’re certain Millie is, too. While would not be able to keep the ring, the memory is hers everlastingly.



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