Inpatient driver kills a dog because he was in hurry

A few people are in such a rush, to the point that they couldn’t care less who they hurt to get where they are going. One heartless individual in Mexico City really kept running over a dog since he/she couldn’t get by. What sort of a man would purposely keep running over a stray canine just to move beyond? The video underneath is chocking and not appropriate for everybody.


The video demonstrates a huge dog limping in the road as the car comes nearer. Firstly, it would appear that the pooch will move off out of the path of the car; however he would came back in front of the car. You can tell the puppy is in torment, and the driver of the car has no sympathy or care about the life of the poor animal – the following thing happened, the driver quickens and the canine crushed under the car.



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