Miserable Dog with ‘Potato Chip-Like Scales’ appears totally unrecognizable following his rescue

Augustus was a stray puppy, so awfully disregarded that he didn’t resemble a dog by any means. Actually, nobody could tell what sort of creature he was! The townspeople treated him like a monster; shouting at him and tossing things at him. In any case, once the amazing folks at Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) saw his photo, they acquired him to start his new life. He originated from the most pessimistic scenario of mishandle and disregard the staff had ever dealt with.



Auggie must be hospitalized and treated for a considerable length of time. He required anti-infection agents and an everyday gel treatment to peel off the layers of “potato chip-like” scales that framed on his fur. Gradually yet definitely, the scales fell off and Auggie resembled a raw burn victim. Still, the staff did not understand what breed or mix he was.

Auggie was sent to the HASRA haven and preceded with daily oil medications and showers; he adored the coconut oil rubdowns and began to feel comfort once more.


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