No one is able to tell whether this creature is a cat or a dog

In the mean time, different pets toe an altogether extraordinary line: from time to time, we detect a cute fluff ball however can’t tell what sort of creature it is.



Such is the situation for an excellent animal making the rounds on the web. Everybody concurs he’s a total cutie pie, yet nobody is very certain whether he’s a cat… or a dog!

This feathery little guy is named Atchoum, and he lives in Canada with his family, however one question about him stays unanswered: What is he?


Perplexity over the answer began flowing after somebody posted this photo of Atchoum on Twitter, alongside the caption that reads: “Her: Do you have a dog or a cat? Me: I don’t know.””

Simply take a glance at this guy, he could be a long haired cat, yet he could simply be a scrappy little terrier. It’s truly difficult to tell, and we nearly began thinking about whether he’s an animal species all his own.


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