Not Cement Steps, but a 230-Ft Organ That Uses The Sea To Make Haunting Music In Croatia

These cause the undulating, chime-like notes to be produced. Because the sea is always shifting and changing, the sea organ never sounds exactly the same twice. Each sound you hear is completely unique.


The city of Zadar was the site of heavy bombing during World War II, and was the most damaged city in the former Yugoslavia. It was also the site of a battle in 1991, so this peaceful place is also symbolic of how far the area has come from a violent past.

The sound is soothing and meditative, and it matches the rise and fall of the waves. It’s easy to imagine losing track of time and letting your mind wander listening to the calm tones.

Today, it’s a perfect place to eat lunch, watch the sunset, or simply take a break from the everyday bustle of the city.

You can find people relaxing here every day, listening to the sea’s daily song.

Listen to the strange, beautiful sounds of the sea organ here:

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