They Tell Their Kids Not To Play With Her Son, Mom Decided To Write Them A Letter

Here is the very touching story of a mother who’s trying her best to help her kid have friends.


Please let me introduce you to Nicole Duggan who decided to begin sharing her experience as the mother of a son with special needs just this year. Her Facebook page, My Boy Blue, is about her 3-year-old son Riley, who has autism.

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Facebook / My Boy Blue

My little boy is just like your child, he loves to dance, he loves to be cuddled, he cries when he falls, and he adores Mickey Mouse. He is however “wired differently.”

Facebook / My Boy Blue

The small things we take for granted every day are the hardest things for him to cope with. Different lights, sounds, smells or even the look of something can cause an overload that is too hard for an adult to deal with, let alone my little boy.

Facebook / My Boy Blue

To the people that stare at him because he hums, join in with his little singsong, because in his eyes he is singing the best song in the world.

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