If you think you have the guts to go anywhere you want, try these places.

A ghostly highway journey is exactly what the doctors requested with regards to October. We discovered probably the spookiest places in the state, and you will undoubtedly need to get in your vehicle and go to visit them one by one. These stories are unnerving, and the spots you’ll be going to are considerably scarier.




We will begin with Memphis, to grant East Tennessee a bit of tenderness. Graceland is claimed to be spooky by the celebrity Elvis, forever talking about the house that he merely can’t stand leaving it. He adores it in the afterlife as much as he did in life, we presume.

Hurricane Mills


The biggest Confederate burial ground in the south is situated on the property, and people say that they see troopers strolling on the fields. There’s said to be a youthful hireling who still breadths the kitchen, and the stately phantom of one of the four officers that lost their lives on the property.


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