As thousands get ready For Matthew, hurricane Nicole Strengthens

In a moment when thousands straighten up for Hurricane Matthew, hot storm Nicole has officially become a new hurricane that may slam into Matthew.


Hurricane Nicole is positioned approximately 345 miles south of Bermuda and is at this time a Category 1 hurricane, the Daily Mail reports.

Although it is not predicted to menace the US mainland, there is a chance that Category 4 Hurricane Matthew may collide with Nicole.

On the grounds of size, experts claim either Matthew will soak up the hurricane or the two will “dance” around each other.

Florida is expected to be hit by Matthew as well as the Carolinas and Georgia from October 7-9.

The storm has prompted a close blackout of the state of Florida, Palm Beach Post reports, prompting mass evacuations.

“This storm will kill you,” Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott stated, forewarning “the time is now” to evacuate, ABC News reports.

“This is life and death,” he added.



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