Video: explore an easy way of making eggs

We discovered an overwhelming and effortless way for a Pennsylvania custom: The beet pickled egg. This is such a breeze to prepare, and everybody is going to adore you for making them come to the next family assembles.


In order to prepare this recipe, you will require two dozen eggs that have been hard-boiled, chilled and peeled, one finely shredded white onion, two 16 ounce pots of pickles beets in juice, one cup distilled white vinegar, one cup sugar, eight cloves, and pair of teaspoons of salt.

You are going as well to need canning jars to seize the eggs. You will not require a big container if you can divide it into a number of smaller jars. If you do not make an entire lot of caning already, you might need to pick some up at the grocery store or at an arts and crafts store.



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